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Slentex Class A Insulation

BASF has brought a new high performance façade insulation to market. Combining superior aerogel insulation with a Class A, non-combustibility rating, ensures your building is protected in more ways than one.

Slentex Class A Insulation:

  • Is certified noncombustible via ICC-ESR 4281 per ASTM E136.
  • Delivers its Class A rating while maintaining a thin and flexible profile. Boasting an R-7.9 per inch.
  • Enhances the thermal performance of anything it is applied to.
  • Primary application is building façade, but it excels in eliminating thermal bridges, covering uneven stone and brick work, and minimizing required wall/floor/and ceiling thicknesses due to insulation.
  • Available in 10mm thickness, delivering an R-3.2 per layer.
  • Offered in a roll sizes: Full rolls (200-1) are approximately 750 square feet per roll, and Partial rolls (210-1) are 100 square foot rolls.
  • Can also easily be cut into strips per customer requirements.

Slentex Class A Insulation characteristics include: High performance, resource-efficient, slim, durable, Flexible, energy efficient, cost effective, and eco-friendly.

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Slentex BASF HPIM Slentex User Guide
Slentex 200-1 TDS SLENTEX 200-1 (CA-EN) SDS ESL-1195
Slentex 200-1 US SDS SLENTEX 200-1 (CA-FR) SDS ESL-1196
Slentex 210-1 TDS SLENTEX 210-1 (CA-EN) SDS ESL-1214
Slentex 210-1 US SDS SLENTEX 210-1 (CA-FR) SDS ESR-4281

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